Tutorial: Instructions for payments

Welcome dear visitors. In this article we will describe to you an easy way to pay the registration fee for your entire team at once.


In this case it is realy easy. Every player will find status "nezaplatený" (not payed) in his profile. On his profile page he will find 2 account numbers aswell, to which he can pay the entry fee. One is in Euro(EUR), other one in Czech Coruns(CZK). The last information needed is the specific symbol, which is your ID aswell. You can find your Registration Number on your profile or in "Zoznam hráčov"(Players listing) tab.


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If you would like to pay the entry fee for your whole team in 1 transaction, you need to write down Registration Numbers of all your teammates from "Zoznam hráčov"(Players listing) and add them in Reference of payer, or Reference for the recipient. E.g. we have ID´s of team members  1360,1361,1362,1363,1364 and like this we will include them in to the reference column. 

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It is necessary to send a prove of payment (screenshot,PDF,statement of account) with shown details of the payment and your full adress of residence to email adress platby@pgway.net

This point is very important, because we will send you a PAYMENT CONFIRMATION. 

In case of of any question, don´t hesitate to conact us on platby@pgway.net.


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